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Flail-Vac Seed Harvester


Woodward Flail-Vac Seed Harvester

The Flail-Vac is a hydraulically powered rotary brush harvester that attaches to a tractor’s front-end loader. The brush creates a vacuum, pulling the seed head into the brush. The brush then removes the seed and deposits it in the hopper

Independent Hydraulic System

The Power Unit is a PTO Pump Powered independent hydraulic system, completely independent of the tractors' hydraulic system. With this system we avoid overheating the tractors hydraulic system and it eliminates the blowing of seals in the hydraulic motor powering the brush.

Complete with Pressure Relief Valve, Temperature Gauge, Flow Control Valve, Quick Couplers, PTO Pump, and Filter.

Hydraulic Tank: 36" x 26" x 34", 480 lbs.


Models Available

6' Wide Harvester, 440 lbs., 72" x 72" x 30"

12' Wide Harvester, 700 lbs., 114" x 72" x 30"



Domestically we deliver, Since we are located in the center of USA, shipping is economical.

We do export international, will provide quote to include, inland freight to U.S. Port, Ocean Freight, CIF, door to door or door to port, however you wish.

Export to Mexico or Canada, we will ship to the U.S. border.



Watch Flail-Vac in operation, harvesting, unloading hopper and power unit.


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We've been manufacturing and marketing the FLAIL-VAC since 1982, meeting the needs of the NATIVE GRASS SEED INDUSTRY, helping many Federal and State government agencies in the RESTORATION AND PRESERVATION of NATURAL HABITATS for the benefit of wildlife and many endangered species.


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Mounting Bracket Information

Follow this link to select the correct mounting brackets for your front end loader. When page opens, scan down to and click on optional “Bolt-on” Brackets. When that page opens, select and click on the Brand Name of your loader and look for your Loader Model Number. Review and look at the description to determine if that particular model will fit your Front End loader after the bucket is removed.



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